Thursday, 5 June 2014

14 Ways to Achieve Whatever You Need

No matter whatever you like to do: learn a new foreign language or juggle over a weekend, there are several easy ways that will help to you to get there.

  1. Basic system of the four principles that can be applied to accomplish any goal: analysis, selection, step sequence, motivation. Analyze the language that you want to learn, concentrate on important aspects, schedule a sequence of actions and decide why do you want to do this.
  2. Analyze you goal and split it into tasks and small actions that will lead you to the final goal.
  3. Start with simple and easy to keep you motivated. It's tough to memorize verbs conjugation and you can start with learning simple verbs with which you can start easy small talks and gradually move to more complex things.
  4. Look for simple ways and think on what you can do easy and on your own.
  5. Find the person who achieved similar goal to yours. Study what he/she did to get there and copy the model. If you have a chance to get this person as your mentor or coach, do it.
  6. Never overload yourself with tasks. Do things your own way and at your own pace.
  7. Make small but efficient moves to your goal. Study 3-5 words daily instead of trying to memorize half of vocabulary.
  8. Do experiments. Use new ways instead of well known. Your experiments can be more efficient.
  9. Narrow your options to avoid wasting your time on choosing the right one for you.
  10. Fight procrastination by setting up deadlines. Be persistent on the way to your goal. Be sure you ca do that: the more you are sure about the results, the better the results.
  11. Think of milestones ahead. You can't plan your mood or your motivation, your tiredness or peaks of enthusiasm, however you can plan what and when should be achieved.
  12. Avoid monotonousness in what you do. This leads to reduction motivation.
  13. Thinks of risks ahead. Thinks of all potential positive outcomes and keep on being positive.
  14. Lear from famous people, copy their ways of doing things. Sometime sthis can work for you as well.

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