Friday, 28 November 2014

10 Mistakable Points of View When Opening

Probably the person who never thought about opening his own business doesn't exist. At least the time for thinking about this hasn't come for this guy yet :) Everyone makes mistakes so the entrepreneurs beginners. However at least those 10 can be avoided or minimized at the early stage.

Mistake 1. To open a business you need a lot of money

This one is probably the most common thing. If you have a great idea and you are willing to act that won't stop. Why? Because your initial investment is your time and efforts and getting money for implementation is secondary just because you can get in on the go and lots of things are FREE. And you can use a lot of free ways to get your initial funds even without asking investors or funds etc. Also so many grants exist to fund great idea. Research locally! Still questioning yourself how?? ASK ME then I will guide you.

Mistake 2. To open a business you need network of specific people

Similar to previous one. In you haven't started your own business where will the network appear? I'm not talking about family business in this case. As far as you move ahead with your idea and business you will start getting in touch with people and companies you need for your business and it will grow and it all depends on you. Proven fact.

Mistake 3. No clear vision of what you want to do

No idea means no business. You need to understand clearly what you want to sell, produce or supply. It doesn't matter whether your idea is yours and unique or you borrowed/copied it from somebody else. You need to have the idea and understanding what is behind it i.e. steps to take, processes, results to achieve.

Mistake 4. No business plan

Consider business plan as steps to implement your idea. Your idea is an objective in this case and business plan is an action plan. Consider the resources you need to put all on paper. "I have all in my head" - NOT WORKING. Trust me as soon as you start writing you will find out more things to do, actions to take and even new ideas will come.

Mistake 5. Opinion you need specific skills and knowledge to start your business

Sure about that? Have a look in the web and search for article about Steve Jobs or Bill gates. Did you know they haven't finished universities and? Life is the best teacher and believe me that majority of the knowledge you get from universities won't be helpful because life, technology and everything changes so quickly that it can't be implemented in the curriculum same quick and the knowledge you get will prevent you from thinking as you will constantly try to use the templates and frames you have learnt instead of thinking on your own.

Mistake 6. Too much of self confidence

Good and bad. Be careful about this one. Stop thinking you are a super lucky guy and act planning ahead and thinking ahead. Surely mistakes will be made however take them as an experience and try to avoid in the future.

Mistake 7. Listening to other people's advice. Listening too much!

Yes, don't listen. You do something they have never done to be different as they are. You are on your own at the beginning and be ready people won't support in majority of the cases. They don't really care however their nature is something that makes them give you advice and share point of view. Be ready to be against everyone and yes.. when you succeed they will always say that's them who helped. :) Find people who think like you or those who did similar stuff and learn from them. Much more useful as appeared to be in practice.

Mistake 8. Business for two..

When you do that and you trust still make sure to talk over details in advance. Never think best friends remain best friends. You never know. I think friendship or family relationship is a lot more important than business so make sure you avoid all potential problems that may potentially appear by having initial agreement about everything that possible comes to your mind before the big start.

Mistake 9. Leaving things till Monday or best moment

OK. easy here: you will never start if you don't act. Keep on postponing as someone is already implementing your great idea while you are waiting for your best moment and perfect conditions :)

Mistake 10. Not enough time

Oh yes! have you heard about time management and effective usage of your time? Well life is too short to waste unless that is your goal. So in case you want you can find time for things you want to do. Just a quick exercise for you: for 1 week write down everything you do hourly and you will easily find the things you do for which you don't get money. then make a simple calculation by multiplying the number of wasted hours by your average hourly rate and you will see how much money have you wasted. Still no time to start?

The way begins with the first step.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

7 Ways to Become a Man of Action

1. Stop waiting for ideal conditions

If you wait until conditions become ideal, you'll probably never start working. Almost always there will be something that will stop you. Either time an appointment is not suitable or market crashed, or excessively large competition in place. In this world there is no perfect time to start a business. You have to act and solve problems. The best time was last year. Second chance is right now.

2. Be a man of action

Train yourself in performing and acting rather than thinking your steps over. Trying to start to do sports? Need to talk to your boss about performance? Do it now. The longer lives an idea in mind, the weaker it becomes. After two or three days, the details begin to blur. A week later you forget your idea. Becoming a man of action, you will be able to do more and stimulate the emergence of fresh ideas.

3. Remember that ideas alone do not bring success

Ideas are important, although they become something substantial only when they are implemented. 1 implemented idea is worth a dozen of the smartest ideas whose owners are waiting for the best time to start. If you have an idea that you really believe in, do something. When you start you won't escape.

4. Use action to frighten your fears

Have you ever noticed that the most difficult part of taking a public speech is actually waiting for your turn? All professional speakers and artists feel the same excitement before performance or speech. As soon as they start talking, excitement disappears. Action is the best way to frighten your fear. The hardest thing to act is to take the first step and do something first time. As you start, you gain confidence, and it becomes easier and easier to keep on going. Eliminate fear by taking action and build on the success of confidence.

5. Start your creativity mechanism automatically

One of the worst misinterpretations of the creative process is that you should start working only when inspiration comes. If you wait until inspiration does not fall on your head you will act fairly infrequently and with long intervals. Instead of waiting for inspiration start working and creativity will come along. If you need to write something then take a pen and start doing that. Your brain will switch on the creativity mechanism as soon as you will start doing something.

6. Live in your present

Focus on what you can do now. Do not worry about what you should have done last week or what you will do tomorrow. The only time that you can change is now. Even if you think about yesterday or tomorrow you can't act in those times.

7. Act immediately

Usually people prefer to have a small talk before business meetings. The same happens to those who work alone. How often do you check your mailbox and Facebook before you start serious work? These distractions will cost you dearly if you do not learn to ignore them and get to work immediately. Starting to work immediately you will find out within yourself fresh sources of productivity see you as a leader and great manager of your own resources.

You need to be a very organized person to get down to business without the help of others, without a command from the above. This is probably why right motivation is the key. In companies managers have to find the right motivation for the employees to start and keep them concentrated on working. Do not miss the wave of your motivation. Acting people are always noticeable either for themselves when they have things done or for the managers in the companies by seeing them as high performers.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

29.9 Manager Rules

1. Manager determines what are the abilities of a co-worker and gives him tasks and duties accordingly.
2. Manager is neither a nurse nor Mother Teresa.
3. The only task that manager has is to get a team, share tasks accordingly and bring the team to a working state.
4. The leaders are not born but you can become one.
5. There are millions of people who can perform and only few can lead to performance.
6. Team is gather for the manager.
7. With the change of manager, staff changes.
8. The more manager fulfills requests from the team members more they hate him.
9. If you are a leader start encouraging your team for the process of getting the result rather than result. People don't see the whole picture like you and they are not interested in the result that much.
10. The employee will never understand the manager.
11. Only the manager understands where he leads his team.
12. There is no such employee who will work out his salary at 100%.
13. The employee gets used to any level of earnings as a result of it he will be always unhappy with his salary.
14. The fastest tool to test employees is money.
15. If manager will try to understand the problems of every employee he will have no time to work.
16. Clearly defined tasks increase the efficiency of any employee.
17. The difference between manager and employee is in courage to take responsibility not only for himself but also actions of his employees.
18. Employee joins a team to shift some of responsibilities for his life on his manager.
19. If the majority of the staff can forget about work and responsibilities during the weekend, manager can not afford it.
20. Even in a team of two people is a determined supervisor.
21. The value of an employee is determined by the quality of the results he achieves.
22. The value of a manager depends on the quality of the results achieved by the team, which he leads.
23. The ability to lead is laid in the child's upbringing.
24. Manager fills the life his employees with meaning.
25. If all managers across the globe will disappear, people will die from hunger and strife.
26. Without manager employees turn into a crown that is run by weakness.
27. Manager should be a human in the first place.
28. The power of a managers of his firm faith in choosing the right path.
29. Responsible for a task should always be only one person.
29.9 Manager is the main person in the company. No leader - no company.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

7 Web Marketing Lessons from a 6 year old Kid

Children see the world in a simple, but very wise perspective. We, as grown ups, apply everything we have learnt and whatever we have learnt is the experience exchange coming from our educational and social backgrounds, MBAs and master degrees. Kids see the world simpler and therefore the ideas they have are wise and unique. Interesting enough that if you have an idea and you are able to present it to a kid and this kid gets it, then everyone else with understand it.
So this is what I have learnt and willing to share.
1. We are skeptics
"Why should I do this? Why should I buy this unnecessary at first sight thing? Why do I need to eat vegetables? "- Six years old children and your target audience have one thing in common: they are constantly asking questions. This is their way to learn something new and, ultimately, become more intelligent.
Be prepared to honestly and quickly respond to all questions, so you will win the trust - either children or adults as your potential customers. Learn to find a common language with any companion and have a constructive dialogue.
Question: "Why should I deal with you?".
Correct answer: "We care about you, we have something that will help you succeed in business, something that will make your life better!".
Wrong answer: "We are targeting customers like you using methods of semantic analysis. The use of secret techniques allows us to get the highest ROI in the industry! ".
2. Incentives/right motivations make the world move forward
Ask six year old child to help you wash the dishes round 6 am on Saturday. Can you imagine what kind of face expression will you get in return? Now imagine that you wake the kid at the same time on Saturday morning to remind him that it's time to go for a long-awaited trip to the amusement park. You have a chance to see the most radiant smile in your life!
When designing landing pages, use a similar principle: make sure that your page has incentives that resonate with the goals and needs of the target audience. Offer visitors some reward for what they are, for example, fill out your lead form - a discount on merchandise, a free download trial version, download eBook, subscribe to the newsletter, and so on. i.e. give them an incentive that they can not but accept.
Question: "Why should I deal with you?".
Correct answer: "We will give you a chance to learn for free something new, we will help you free of charge succeed in your business."
Wrong answer, "Because I said so!".
3. "Serious" means "boring"!
Think about your childhood and lots of fun comes to mind and definitely not boring and endless "quiet hours", right? Now remember, both children and adults are in need for emotional involvement!
Business is a serious stuff, no doubt about it, and, of course, there are times when you need to put on a strict gray suit and go to the bank for a loan or take part in negotiations to sing an important contract. But when you write a title or other content for your landing page it does not need to be "buttoned": It is desirable to keep a balance between the serious meaning of your offer and an easy going tone of its presentation.
Do not be afraid to use some "frivolous" color and font design solutions for your offer, do not adhere to a strict formal tone (no extreme stuff!).
Question: "Why should I deal with you?".
Correct answer: "We are aggressive enough to achieve these objectives, we are able to laugh at our own mistakes, easy to perceive constructive criticism, and are not offended by comments made to us and you can with us  without harm to your mental health!". :)))
Wrong answer: (you silently demonstrate complicated black and white chart, made in Excel).
4. People are afraid of unwanted surprises
Remember the "good old days" when the entire Internet was winking as traffic lights, showing the wildest-looking graphics and animation published and the amazing sounds were heard when the page loaded? The effect produced by all this splendor on the inexperienced user was approximately comparable to the way children are hiding from the clown, invited by their parents to the sixth birthday. Adult clown seems ridiculous, but the kids run away in fright.
The same thing happens with the landing page: intrusive and unnecessary page elements deter users as the most "scary clown." Ease of graphic and text content landing page - this is your main priority.
Question: "Why should I deal with you?".
Correct answer: "We prefer a simple and intuitive design of the page, we want the user feel on it comfortably, our calls to action are to describe what will press on this button the downloading of a file begins or you sign up for our webinar, and so on."
Wrong answer: "Click here!".
5. Everyone loves pleasant surprises
Scary clown from childhood falls into the category of unpleasant surprises. But there are also pleasant surprises! Keep this in mind when communicating with your target audience: send to your subscribers or leads unexpected, but pleasant, to be exact a free and useful information/offer. Get used to think beyond as your subscription base may, for example, become a full-fledged information channel that can help to retain existing and attract new customers (instantaneous conversion advertising messages/mails usually leads to failure).
Question: "Why should I deal with you?".
Correct answer: "Because we want you to be happy."
Wrong answer: "Because we know better what is good for you and healthy!".
6. Simplicity and elegance
Without any doubt, our adult world is suffering from information overload. In a world of six-year olds the situation is better as the child is not yet saturated with useless knowledge and information, his world is simple and it is a place of fantasy. Check out this statement by experimenting: encourage your child to choose from the most popular video game on the market and a simple cardboard box and he is likely to choose the box that the power of his imagination can turn into anything - a racing car, a tank or a spaceship.
Children have an amazing ability to turn simple things into genuine works of art, give them a pencil and a sheet of paper, and you make sure that the children's possibilities are endless. Your landing pages should be so simple that they could use and child. A lot of choice - you have already seen it from both consumer and web marketer perspective - often leads users to a deny any choice and run away.
Question: "Why should I deal with you?".
Correct answer: "We increase customer loyalty by bringing them to your site, especially if they are already interested in your product."
Wrong answer: "Our re-targeting techniques are based on complex semantic models for manipulating user behavior."
7. People need only structured information
Children go to kindergarten to get basic life skills for the real world. The most important of these skills are learning the basics of a structured thinking. Growing up, people use the same method to achieve the highest professionalism: a boy that was making a tower out of blocks can become a worldwide recognized architect and a very sociable kid can become a UN Secretary General. But the basic elementary knowledge is literacy and numeracy that our heroes acquired in childhood.
Same with the target audience as your user first sees your brand, hitting on your landing page. Take the time to give him a basic understanding of why it is beneficial to cooperate with you. Give the user an opportunity to learn more about you the most simple and easy way. This is facilitated by a persuasive text offer, intuitive call to action, a simple and attractive design of the page.
Question: "Why should I buy your product / service?".
Correct answer: "Look at this video and you will understand that we are the best design Bureau!".
Wrong answer: "Our products speak for themselves. Unless you are so stupid that they can not understand it? ".

Friday, 14 November 2014

GREAT Collection of Great STARTUP TOOLs from Steve Blank


Startup Tools

1. Startup Tools Click Here

2. Lean LaunchPad Videos Click Here

3. Founding/Running a Startup Advice Click Here

4. Market Research Click Here

5. Life Science Click Here

6. China Market Click Here


Startup Tools

Getting Started

Lists of Tools from Others


Find a Co-Founder

Developer Bootcamps

Tools from Steve: Lean Startup/Business Model Canvas/Customer Development Tools

  • Founders Workbook - A Checklist for the Startup Owners Manual
  • Over 500 presentations and videos (mine and my students class finals) on Slideshare
  • Harvard Business Review article on Lean here
  • My free online Lean LaunchPad class on Udacity is here.
    • All the Lectures and their subtitles can be download for free here. Creative Commons license applies.
  • I also share all my syllabi, student presentations and my class lectures slides as well.
  • Educators Training Guide is here
  • Course for Educators is here
  • Teachable moments videos for the Lean Launchpad class here
  • How do Customer Discovery videos here
  • How to do Customer Discovery workbook here
  • Sample Lean LaunchPad Lecture slides and suggested syllabus here
  • Latest presentations posted click here
  • Latest student videos posted here
  • National Science Foundation presentations here
  • Stanford presentations, lectures and syllabus here
  • Berkeley presentations, lectures and syllabus here
  • Columbia 5-day presentations, lectures and syllabus here
  • Caltech 5-day presentations, lectures and syllabus here
  • Business Model Competition slides here
  • Some general customer development slides click here
  • National Science Foundation I-Corps presentations, lectures and syllabus click here
  • National Science Foundation/NCIIA I-Corps Faculty toolkit is here
  • LaunchPad Central - the standard for Bus Model Canvas/Customer Development progress for companies/incubators/accelerators
Business Model Canvas
Customer Development
Social Entrepreneurship / Non-Profits

Customer Discovery Checklist


Before Leaving the Building

Outside the Building

Returning to the Building

How to Do Customer Discovery Interviews

Founder Stories

Website Domain Names

Create Websites Automagically

“How Big is the Market?” Tools

“How Do I Contact Customers?” Tools

  • LinkedIn Alumni – awesome way to contact school alumni
  • Data.Com – find business connections
  • RelateIQ – relationship intelligence
  • Rapportive – find Linkedin profies inside of Gmail
  • Vibe – get info about email contacts
  • Connect6 – Chrome extension for people discovery
  • Hoovers – phone and email contacts for sale
  • Harrisinfo - sales leads for sale
  • InfoUSA – email lists for sale
  • ThomasNet – find any company


Product Launch Tools/Landing Pages

  • Great Landing Page Tutorial – ConversionXL
  • LaunchRock - Create a viral “coming soon” landing page
  • LaunchSoon – create a coming soon landing page
  • Prefinery- Beta and Launch Mgmt software
  • LaunchEffect – WordPress Landing pages for viral launches
  • Ooomf – iPhone app store build/push/launch
  • Unbounce - create, publish & test promotion specific landing pages
  • Instapage - create a free landing page
  • KickoffLabs -product landing pages
  • LaunchGator – create a viral landing page
  • Atmio - mobile landing pages
  • Lander - create a landing page in minutes
  • Ion - create landing pages that convert
  • Clickthroo – landing pages with split-test, segment, personalization

Product Demo Videos

Screencasting Software

On-Line Advertising Platforms (SEO)

Traditional Media

Social Media Advertising

  • Atlas – Facebook’s cross platform solution
  • Adaptly – twitter and facebook advertising platform
  • MarinSoftware – online advertising platform
  • Adroll – retargeting and display advertising
  • Kenshoo – predictive marketing
  • Adstage – manage google, bing, facebook, twitter & linked in Ads

Search Engine Optimization and Tools

SEO and Analytics Tutorials

Web/Social Customer Analytics Tools

  • Google Analytics – web analytics and optimizer from the borg
  • Kissmetrics– actionable analytics
  • QuantcastMeasure - measure reach, traffic, frequency, demographics, interests/lifestyle, etc
  • Comscore – ad agency/enterprise analytics
  • AdobeAnalytics – ex Omniture
  • Amazon Analytics - cross–platform mobile analytics reporting service for your app or game
  • FacebookDomainInsights - provides developers and Page owners with metrics about their content
  • HeapAnalytics - captures user action Clicks, taps, swipes, form submissions, page views and lets you measure it
  • GetClicky – real-time web analytics
  • Swix – analytics for social media and online
  • Leadlander – marketing automation analytics
  • – analytics API
  • Wordtracker – find the best keywords and links
  • Serpico – monitor your competition, backlinks & rankings
  • WhatRunsWhere - locate and assess competitors ads and copy
  • - easy analytics for business data
  • Mixpanel– real-time event tracking
  • DigMyData – analytics dashboard for sales, email, social and ad marketing
  • Crazyegg– visualize analytics
  • MozAnalytics – measure all your inbound marketing
  • Mint – site analytics
  • Piwik – open source web analytics
  • Visistat – web analytics measure marketing campaigns
  • Webtrends – analytics and segments
  • Chartbeat – website analytics for doers
  • Kontagent – user analytics for the social and mobile web
  • Forsee – web, mobile, social, contact center analytics
  • Woopra – real time customer and visitor analytics
  • StatsMix – track and display internal & web metrics
  • Keylines – amazing email visualization tool (Palantir for the rest of us)
  • Ducksboard – very cool way to measure any online metrics
  • Cyfe – monitor social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support
  • Mention – media and social monitoring
  • Geckoboard – widget-driven business dashboard
  • Grappster – dashboard for your cloud apps
  • Leftronic – dashboard for real-time analytics
  • Ubiq -data into dashboards
  • PirateMetrics – track acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue
  • – Twitter brand monitoring
  • WhosTalkin - Social Media Search tool
  • Diffbot – identify and extract from any web page (stealth search engine!)
  • Kumu – track, visualize and leverage relationships

SEO for Mobile Apps

Mobile App Store Customer Analytics / Ad Platform

mobile marketing

Mobile App Location / Ad Platform / Misc

  • Placed – location based analytics for mobile apps & websites
  • Burstly – mobile app monetization tools
  • Yozio – campaign tracking & viral optimization for mobile apps
  • Tapjoy - mobile app turnkey ad platform
  • Appbackr - market, sell and distribute your apps
  • Chartboost – make money with mobile games
  • Playtomic - game analytics for all platforms
  • Google AdMob – monitize and promote your mobile games
  • Vungle – integrate video ads into your apps

content marketing toolsOnline Marketing Suites

  • HubSpot - online marketing and web analytics system
  • Eloqua – marketing automation
  • Pardot – marketing automation for multi-touch sales
  • Silverpop – end to end marketing automation
  • HipCricket – mobile marketing platform
  • Performable – personable web analytics/lifecycle marketing
  • Custora – customer retention, churn reduction, lifetime value
  • Zoho – free/cheap web customer relationship mgmt software
  • Highrise – small business CRM
  • Pipedrive – sales pipeline management
  • Zferral – affiliate and referral marketing on the web
  • Genoo – marketing automation software
  • Act-on - marketing automation suite
  • HootSuite – social media dashboard
  • Wishpond – social media marketing
  • Intercom – CRM and web messaging tool for web apps
  • Salestrakr – low cost CRM
  • OntraPort – small business CRM, email management, list segmentation, marketing automation, billing, easy website building
  • InviteBox – referral program platform
  • Crowdtap - Influencer Marketing platform

Content Marketing Tools

  • ScoopIt - publishing by curation
  • Roojoom - turn content into leads
  • SnapApp – Content Marketing platform


Social Monitoring

Email Marketing/Blasting

Transactional Email

Email Testing

  • Litmus - email previews and email analytics

Social Acquisition

  • Woobox – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social sweepstakes and coupons


  • Bunchball – gamification for user engagement and loyalty
  • Hoopla – motivate employees, increase sales productivity
  • Badgeville – gamification platform
  • Gigya – social plugins, gamification

Loyalty Programs


  • Dropbox – free store, sync, and, share files online.
    • Tresorit – secure dropbox alternative
  • Box – online file sharing
  • Hipchat – private group chat & IM for business and teams
  • Yammer - private social network for companies
  • Google Apps – Email, Chat, Docs
  • LibreOffice – free wordprocessor, spreadsheet, drawing, presentation, pdf maker and database office suite
  • Skype- free voice and video communication tool
  • Fuzebox – web/mobile online conferencing
  • UberConference - online conference with visual icons
  • Typewithme – document collaboration tool
  • Google Hangouts – Googles uber Skyoe
  • Evernote - remember everything
  • Campfire – team collaboration
  • RealTimeBoard - online whiteboard & collaboration tool
  • Wikispaces – wikis for everyone
  • Slideshare – share Powerpoints and docs with customers
  • – free screen sharing
  • Ning – Create your own social network
  • Doodle – online group scheduling
  • – Free conference calls – awesome!
  • Speek – easy to setup conference calls, file sharing
  • Syncpad – real time mobile collaborative whiteboard
  • Piktochart – make infographics

On-line Q&A Communities

Blogging Platforms

  • WordPress- king of blogging platforms…doubles as startup website
  • Tumblr – another blogging platform
  • Disqus – Comments Platform
  • Livefrye – alternate to Disqus

Wireframing Tools

Markdown - text to HTML Text Style editor

  • Markdown - John Gruber’s original markdown syntax
  • Mastering Markdown -  github
  • CommonMark – strongly specified, highly compatible implementation of Markdown
  • BabelMark2 - tool for comparing the output of various implementations of John Gruber’s markdown syntax
  • MDtest – Michael Fortin’s test suite for Markdown implementations
  • Mou - markdown editor for Mac
  • Markdown editors for Windows
  • Marked - provides a preview of your Markdown as you work in a text editor
  • Dillinger - free online markdown editor that syncs with Dropbox, Google Drive and Github.

Web Drawing Libraries

  • Paperjs - vector graphics scripting framework runs on HTML5 Canvas
  • Raphael – vector graphics JavaScript library – best for older browsers
  • Processingjs - vector graphics scripting framework runs on HTML5 Canvas
  • Verb -Javascript CAD Library for manipulating NURB surfaces on the web

Website Usability Testing/Heatmaps/Mouse Tracking

  • Usertesting – $39 live users testing your site – cheap
  • ProdThink - test a feature before you code it
  • YouEye – usability testing with webcam eye tracking
  • Validately – Test a feature before you write code
  • LuckyOrange – affordable usability testing, heat maps, polls, visitor map
  • Experimently – heat maps, A/B testing experiments
  • SessionCam – session replay, heat maps, conversion funnels
  • FiveSecondTest – fine-tune landing pages
  • TryMyUI- watch videos of users using your site
  • FeedbackArmy - $20 website usability testing
  • WhatUsersDo - UK live usability testing
  • Clicktale – watch live clicks and browsing, optimize usability
  • Usabilla – Micro usability tests
  • OptimalWorkshop – tool suite for remote user research
  • Clickheat – heat map of a website (where do users click)
  • Mouseflow – attention heatmaps, mouse tracking and video playback
  • Clixpy – tracks users clicks and browsing
  • Openhallway – lets you remotely record user test scenarios
  • InspectLet – Usability testing/Heat Maps and screen capture
  • UsabilityTools – discover user needs, increase conversion rates
  • – web designers get free feedback about their designs
  • LookTracker – eye tracking maps

Mobile Usability Testing/Heatmaps/Build Tools

  • Amazon Mobile SDK- build mobile apps, mobile-optimized connectors to AWS data streaming, storage and database services
  • HeatData – heatmaps for Mobile website
  • - Heatmaps for IOS apps
  • - A/B testing for Mobile Apps
  • Taplytics – A/B testing on IOS without app store updates
  • TestFlight - IOS beta testing on the fly
  • Elusivestars - mobile app testing for developers
  • Testin - cross platform automated app testing solutions
  • Pusher - hosted API for realtime mobile/web apps
  • Corona - mobile development platform
  • PerfectoMobile - mobile app testing
  • MobiReady - testing tool evaluates website mobile-readiness
  • Compuware - test your website for “mobile ready”
  • Rigor - test/monitor performance of mobile apps/websites
  • W3C Mobile OK - test your website for mobile
  • Google Page Speed - test your mobile speed
  • AppMockUpTools – iPhone App Mockups
  • Bugclipper - plug n play bug reporting library  capture screen shots, highlight issues & record screen activity
  • Appery – Cloud-based HTML5, jQuery Mobile & Hybrid Mobile App Builder for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Website A/B and Landing Page Testing

Website/Browser Testing

  • Sauce Labs - cross-browser testing in the cloud
  • Browerstack - test websites across all browser w/debugging tools
  • CrossBrowserTesting - pick an OS, pick a browser, pick a website
  • Testling - cross browser testing
  • Browershots - free  browser testing makes screenshots in different os’s and browsers
  • 99Tests - Crowdsourced software testing
  • BetaList – get beta testers online

Website Performance Testing

  • NewRelic - manage and tune website performance for Rails
  • WebPageTest - website speed test from multiple locations around the world
  • Google Pagespeed – performance recommendations
  • PingDom – uptime and user monitoring
  • Super Monitoring – uptime and basic website functions monitoring
  • SpeedCurve – front-end performance benchmarking
  • Monitive – site uptime monitoring
  • Monitor – free website monitoring

Website Designers

  • 99 Designs - marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design
  • IconFinder - great way to find free graphic icons on the web
  • FindIcons – 400,000+ icons on the web
  • xScope - measure, align and inspect on-screen graphics and layouts
  • Scoutzle - curated community for the best mobile designers

Website Design Tools

Phone/SMS Cloud Apps

  • Twilio - add mobile and sms to your app
  • Tropo - Cloud API for adding voice and sms to your app
  • Callfire - add voice and sms to your app
  • Voxeo - voice recognition and IVR to your app
  • Jajah -telephony api
  • PlumVoice- IVR Systems

Video Analysis Tools

  • Tracker – way cool video analysis tool

Web Application Frameworks

Text Analysis Tools

Machine Learning

DARPA Open Source


Cloud Services and Tools


NoSQL Databases

Development Tools

  • VirtualBox – x86 Virtualization
  • Perl Object Environment - Perl framework for reactive systems, cooperative multitasking, and network applications
  • Codeacademy Labs - program in Ruby, Python, and JavaScript online without downloading a code editor or IDE
  • Koding - cloud development environment, code editor, hosting service, collaboration platform
  • CircleCi – Continuous integration and deployment tool for web apps
  • yUML – sketch uml diagrams.
  • WebSequenceDiagrams -sketch sequence diagrams. automatic links to generated images
  • Rietveld - asynchronous code reviews on changesets
  • Fluid – turn webapps into Mac OS X apps
  • TextMate – code and markup editor
  • Coda - one-window web development app for the Mac
  • Coderunner - Edit/run code in any programming language with a click
  • SourceLair - cloud coding platform C, Python, Ruby and API
  • WebBiscuits – framework for web apps for smartphones and tablets
  • Best free programming books
  • CodeAcademy - learn to code
  • Webkit – build your own browser
  • Appery - Cloud-based HTML5, jQuery Mobile & Hybrid Mobile App Builder for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Project Management

Open-source software hosting

  • Github - Free public repositories, collaborator management, issue tracking, wikis, downloads, code review, graphs
  • Sourceforge - Free. For open-source projects
  • JavaForge - free open source project hosting site
  • Bitbucket - free cloud hosting for Git or Mecurial projects
  • Sourcetree – free mac client for Git, Mercurial and SVN
  • Mercurial - free, distributed source code control management system
  • Aha! – product roadmap software

Kanban and Scrum Tools

  • Kanban versus Scrum - description
  • Kanban Tools
  • Scrum Tools
  • Basecamp- web-based project management and collaboration tool
  • Pivotal Tracker - Agile project management tool real time collaboration
  • Ansible – configuration mgmt, app deployment, continuos delivery
  • Trello - team collaboration around “boards”
  • Sprintly – agile collaborate>prioritize>create git integration
  • Podio – collaborative project management
  • Flow – collaborative task and project management
  • Interstate – open project management
  • Apollo – integrated project and contact management
  • Rally – agile product management
  • Blossom – lean product management
  • BrightPod – product mgmt for marketing teams
  • Trajectory – agile product mgmt, write and discuss user stories, bugs, and to-dos
  • Clarizen - cloud project mgmt tool
  • Webplanner - online collaborative project management application.
  • ChiliProject - web based project management
  • Exepron – cloud based project management
  • ProofHub – web project mgmt & collaboration
  • Kiln - Version control and code review
  • PushPinPlanner – online real-time resource planning for agile teams
  • DaPulse – cross company collaboration
  • Asana - shared task list for your team
  • Producteev – web/mobile task mgmt
  • ProcedureRock - create, procedures, instructions, guides, online help
  • - Collaborative Task Manager
  • ProcessPlan - task mgmt via email
  • Redbooth -combines social networking and project management
  • ProjectManager – project planner, time/expense tracking
  • TeamCity - continuous integration/unit testing, code quality analysis, pre-tested commits, report on build problems
  • Milestone Planner - planner for deadline/outcome driven environments
  • 5pm - Online project management tool
  • TimeBill – Replicon task management tool
  • AgileZen - project management visually see and interact with your work
  • GoPlan - collaborative project management
  • Unfuddle -hosted project management solution for software teams
  • Taskpoint - online project mgmt and collaboration
  • Centroy - online project mgmt
  • Do[Box] - project mgmt, save, resuse and share project models
  • Projify - simplified project management
  • Mavenlink - manage project communications, documents, schedules, budgets, payments
  • NeuLexa – enterprise project mgmt
  • ProcedureRock – operations and procedures mgmt
  • Userlike - live chat software for websites
  • Industrial Logic - Agile eLearning
  • PMToolkit – project management templates
  • Kanbanchi – dashboard/collaboration tool for Google Apps

Bug/Issue Tracking

  • Bugherd - simple issue tracking for web developers
  • Lighthouse - Issue Tracking Tool
  • Sifter - hosted bug and issue tracking
  • Toggle - time tracking tool
  • Jira - Bug, Issue and classic Project tracking tool
  • Fogbugz -bug tracking, project mgmt, customer support
  • Bontq - hosted bug tracking and project management needs
  • WakaTime - Automatic time tracking for your text editor
  • Intervals - time tracking and task management
  • Preceden - simple way to make timelines for presentations

Web Server Stress Testing

  • Google Page Speed - test your web page speed
  • Httperf- HP Web Server Performance tool
  • Siege - http load testing and benchmarking utility
  • Jmeter - java-based server load testing
  • Tourbus - ruby website load testing tool

Digital Asset Management


  • Applingua – iOS, OSX and Android app localization
  • Onesky – apps and websites translated
  • ICanLocalize – website and app translation and localization
  • SmoothLocalize -automatic iOS app localization

Self Created Products Selling Sites

  • Gumroad - sell your digital products directly to your audience
  • Etsy – buy and sell all things handmade
  • Amazon 3D printing store
  • Cafepress – buy and sell T-shirts, Personalized Gifts, Unique Mugs, Posters & More
  • Zazzle – buy and sell T-shirts, Personalized Gifts, and more
  • Folksy – buy and sell handmade gifts and crafts
  • RedBubble – art gallery & community
  • Storenvy – buy and sell goods and brands that inspire
  • Blurb – publish books

Credit Cards/Billing/Subscription Management/E-Store

  • Credit Cards/Payments/Bitcoin
    • Square - accept credit cards from ipad/iphone/android
    • Stripe - accept credit cards on the web
    • Amazon Payments – login and pay with Amazon
    • CCBill – merchant services & credit card payments
    • Balanced – Payments processing, escrow & payouts API
    • BancBox – Payments service platform
    • Paypal – the standard for payment
    • WePay –  payment API for platforms
    • E-Junkie – shopping cart plug-in for downloads and tangible goods
    • SendOwl – add a “Buy” button to your website
    • 2Checkout – accept payments globally; credit cards, paypal, debt cards
    • ShopLocket – ecommerce solution for hardware makers
    • Zombaio – billing for adult entertainment
    • Braintree - online credit card merchant processing
    • Paymill - accept online payments on the web
    • FeeFighters - find the cheapest credit card processors
  • Bitcoin
  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Subscription Services
    • Cloudware City - online app store for subscription services
    • Spreedly - sell subscriptions on your site. signup, upgrade, trial pricing
    • Zuora - online subscription management
  • Online Store and Marketplace Creation
    • Amazon Web Store – hosted ecomerce website software
    • Yahoo Small Business - hosted ecomerce website
    • Nearme – create your own branded marketplace
    • Bizwebs - create an online store
    • Estoreify - create your own online store in just 5 minutes
    • Shopify - create an online store
    • Selz – sell on Facebook, WordPress, from any website w/PayPal
    • IndieMade - Create an artist website with a store, blog, galleries
    • BigCartel – shopping cart for artists, designers, bands, record labels, jewelry, crafters
    • BigCommerce – ecommerce software & shopping cart
    • SquareSpace – build a website with commerce
    • EStoreApp - a webstore in 5 minutes
    • Volusion – shopping cart software, ecommerce & hosting
    • PinnacleCart - shopping cart software, ecommerce & hosting
    • CoreCommerce – online store & shopping cart software
    • Fortune3 - shopping cart software, ecommerce & hosting
    • EKMPowershop - create an online store using templates
  • Postmaster - Integrate package shipping, tracking  and notification into your app

Customer Support/Feedback

  • Tender - support, knowledgebase tool for your site
  • GetSatisfaction - conversations between companies / customers
  • Triibe – incentive-based customer service
  • Zendesk – web help software
  • Clickdesk – Help desk, live chat, social toolbar
  • Zopim – real time customer support/live chat
  • HelpScout – simple setup, easy integration, help desk software
  • Desk – from Salesforce, easy and simple; email/social/chat/phone
  • SnapEngage - live chat integrates with your apps
  • Freshdesk – completely unique never seen before web help software
  • Olark - live customer chat and customer loyalty
  • LiveChat – live customer chat, archives of conversations
  • Groove – simple online Help Desk
  • VisitorEngage – behavioral-based feedback button, surveys & website notifications
  • Assistly - Support customers by Web, email, chat, and social networks
  • Vision Helpdesk - Support for multiple companies from one place
  • OneDesk – ideation to delivery and support issues, tickets, tasks
  • HappyFox – collate, categorize and respond to all requests
  • CustomerSure –  online customer service, feedback into retention
  • HelpSpot – Helpdesk software
  • Webengage – website survey, feedback and notification tool
  • SupportBee – help customers via email, robust ticketing

Testimonials/Social Reviews

  • Testimonial Monkey -  integrate customer feedback into your site
  • PostKudos - collect customer testimonials
  • Yotpo - social reviews for eCommerce
  • Kayako - Help desk
  • UserVoice - turn customer feedback into action
  • Kampyle – turn customer feedback into sales and relationships

Recruiting Tools

Misc Office Help

Outsourcing/Freelance Help


  • ROS - Robot Operating System – open source framework for writing robot software
  • Gazebo – 3d Robot simulation software
  • MRPT - Mobile robotics C++ libraries
  • OpenPilot - Open Source UAV autopilot
  • Paparazzi - open-source hardware and software  autopilot  for fixedwing & multicopters
  • DIYDrones - community for amateur UAV’s
  • QGroundControl – open source UAV ground control operator station

Computer Vision

  • PCL – Point Cloud open source 2D/3D image and point cloud processing Library
  • OpenCV - open source computer vision library
  • SimpleVC – open source computer vision Python library
  • Scikit – open source image processing in Python
  • ImageNet - easily accessible image database for researchers organized according to the WordNet hierarchy
  • Great paper - Fast, Accurate Detection of 100,000 Object Classes on a Single Machine

Software Defined Radio

  • GNU Radio – open source software defined radio
  • ETTUS Research – hardware for software defined radio
  • HackRF - software defined radio 10 MHz to 6 GHz


  • AudioKit – audio synthesis, processing and analysis
  • Essentia - open-source C++ library for audio analysis and audio-based music information retrieval
  • Csound – a C-based audio programming language
  • SuperCollider - environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition

Chip/Hardware Resources/Tools

  • Hardware Crowdfunding

Electronics Component Suppliers

Startup Design/Prototype/Manufacturing Consultants/Helpers

Manufacturing Resources

3D Printers

3D Printing Services

3d printer market

Custom Machine Parts/Industrial Supplies

Low cost CAM Software

Life Science Resources

Medical Device Resources – Stanford Biodesign 

Medical Device Resources - General

Digital Health

digital health


Market Research Tools

Private “pay for market research” firms


U.S. State/Canada/Federal Open Data

Solar & Renewables Open Data

Other Governments Open Data

Research Data

  • Databib – research data repository
  • Datacite – research data repository
  • Figshare - research data repository
  • Reddit Datasets - research data repository
  • Datahub -CKN tool for managing and publishing collections of data


Open Company Data/Stats/API

Genomic/BioMed Data

Public or University library Resources:

Market Research Resources Online


Starting and Running a Startup Advice

Best Startup Advice

Incorporating Your Company

Entrepreneurship Reading List

Entrepreneurship Online

Startups Data

  • Mattermark – quantifying company growth for startup investors
  • Compass - Turn data into actionable insights
  • AngelList - connecting startups and angels

Coworking Spaces

Angel/SuperAngel Investors


Incubator List/ Startup Jobs

Advice on Raising Startup Capital

Cap Tables / Valuation

Education Startups

New Schools EdTech Map
Higher Ed tech landscape

Venture Capital Financing

Boilerplate Venture Funding Documents

Building/Managing Your Board

Intellectual Property Advice

Burn Rate/Balance Sheet

Founder Equity Issues


Executive / Advisory Board Compensation

Public Relations (PR) For Tech Companies

Finance 101 for Entrepreneurs


Web/Mobile/Marketplace Revenue Models

Commission Fees

Product Pricing 101 for Entrepreneurs

Getting Acquired


Fighting Patent Trolls

Corporate Innovation Programs

List of Investment Platforms

China – Doing Business

China Blogs

China Military Books/Blogs

Japan – Doing Business

Must Read Blogs
More to read

Lean LaunchPad Videos

This is the complete list of Launchpad Video clips created to date and sorted by topic:

TCTeaching Critigues
SLStudent Learning
CDCustomer Discovery series
UCBUC Berkeley LaunchPad Spring ’13 series
UCSFUCSF Life Science & Healthcare Launchpad Fall ‘2013 series
Mentor Training
  1. Lean LaunchPad Mentor Training UCSF
General Discussion
  1. How Large Will You Scale? (03:03) TC UCB
  2. What If You’re a Visionary? – Risks & Rewards (4:53) SL UCSF
  3. Your Startup: Do You Want to Spend 3 to 4 Years Doing This? (5:14) TC UCSF
  4. Don’t Let the MVP Limit Your Vision (03:40) TC UCB
Customer Discovery
  1. “It Saved Us Several Years” (1:45) SL UCSF
  2. Stop Telling Yourself What You Want to Believe (1.39) SL UCSF
  3. Narrowing the Focus (1:21) SL UCSF
  4. Why PI’s and Founders Need to Get Out of the Building (2:15) SL UCSF
  5. “This Was the Best Outcome” (2:50) SL UCSF
  6. Getting to the “Better Idea” Faster (3:59) SL UCSF
  7. Insights on: Does Customer Development Work in Therapeutics? (6:11) UCSF
  8. The Phases of Customer Discovery (0:37) CD
Before Leaving the Building
  1. Pre-Planning Contacts (4:34) CD
  2. Customer Interview Dry Runs (0:49) CD
  3. Discovery is for Founders (1:30) CD
  4. Pass/Fail Experiments (1:32) CD
Outside the Building
  • Rules of Customer Interviews
  1. Being Aggressive (1:29) CD
  2. Conducting a Customer Interview (1:30) CD
  3. Letting the Customer Interview Flow (1:37) CD
  4. Sizing the Opportunity (2:50) CD
  5. Finding Patterns (1:50) CD
  6. Looking for Insights (0:58) CD
  • Early Mistakes to Avoid
  1. Death by PowerPoint (1:42) CD
  2. Death by Demo 1 (2:18) CD
  3. Death by Demo 2 (1:45) CD
  4. Understanding the Problem (3:22) CD
  5. Multi-Person Interview (2:03) CD
  6. Assuming You Know (1:56) CD
  7. B-to-B to C (2:15) CD
  8. Existing vs. New Markets (5:29) CD
  9. Asking the Right Question (2:37) CD
  10. Public Interviews (2:11) CD
Understanding What the Customer Is Telling You
  1. Engaging the Customer (3:37) CD
  2. Customer Empathy (2:25) CD
  3. The Distracted Customer (3:12) CD
  4. Customers Lie (2:37)
  5. The User, the Buyer & the Saboteur (2:24) CD
Back in the Building
  1. Extracting Insight from Data (2:59) CD
  2. Pay Attention to Outliers (2:16) CD
  3. Getting the MVP Right (3:34) CD
  4. The “Other 85%” (2:32) CD
  5. Finding Early Evangelists (1:17) CD
  6. Communicating Your Discoveries (2:26) CD
Value Proposition
  1. Pivoting…or Groping for a Business Model? (02:37) TC UCB
  2. Seduced by Insufficient Data (02:34) TC UCB
Customer Relationships
  1. Insights on: Customer Relationships – Week 4 (12:00) UCSF
  2. Use Customers to Find More Customers (02:22) TC UCB
  3. Customer Conversion (03:22) TC UCB
Customer Segments
  1. Insights on: Customer Segments – Week 2 (12:43) UCSF
  2. Estimating Market Size (01:49) SL UCB
  3. Customer Workflow (02:10) SL UCB
  4. Customer Discovery / Customer Archetype (04:04) SL UCB
  5. Customer Archetypes; Hypotheses & Experiments (03:21) SL UCB
  6. Customer Segments & Customer Archetypes (03:47) SL UCB
  7. The Fog of Entrepreneurship (03:01) TC UCB
  8. At the Start, All Your Stakeholders Are Customers (02:32) TC UCB
  9. Square Pegs & Round Holes – Mira Medicine (4:33) TC UCSF
  1. Insights on: Channels – Week 3 (14:52) UCSF
  2. Framing the Experiment (02:27) TC UCB
  3. Distribution Channels: One Data Point Is Not a Test (02:37) TC UCB
Revenue Streams
  1. Value Based Pricing – “We Were Gobsmacked!” (6:43) SL UCSF
  2. Insights on: Revenue Streams – Week 5 (17:04) UCSF
  3. The Importance of Experiments (03:57) TC UCB
  4. Validating Product Pricing (03:55) TC UCB
Key Partners
  1. Insights on: Key Partners – Week 6 (17:08) UCSF
  2. Listen Carefully for Customer Discovery (03:20) TC UCB
  3. The Timing of Partnerships (03:46) TC UCB
Key Activities & Key Resources
  1. Insights on: Science Advisory Boards (4:53) UCSF
  2. Insights on: Resources, Activities & Costs (12:26) UCSF
  3. No Laundry Lists. Just Facts! (02:43) TC UCB
Final Video
  1. Accelerated Medical Diagnostics: Final Video (2:41) SL UCSF
  2. Knox: Final Video (2:17) SL UCSF
  3. Magnamosis: Final Video (2:51) SL UCSF
  4. Making Friends: Final Video (2:19) SL UCSF
  5. Mira Medicine: Final Video (2:23) SL UCSF
  6. ResultCare: Final Video (3:08) SL UCSF
  7. Final Video (3:48) SL UCSF
  8. Vitruvian Therapeutics: Final Video (8:34) SL UCSF
Final Presentations
  1. Knox: Final Presentation (8:33) SL UCSF
  2. Magnamosis: Final Presentation (10:19) SL UCSF
  3. Making Friends: Final Presentation (8:38) SL UCSF
  4. Mira Medicine: Final Presentation (9:26) SL UCSF
  5. ResultCare: Final Presentation (11:34) SL UCSF
  6. Final Presentation (16:45) SL UCSF
  7. Vitruvian Therapeutics: Final Presentation (8:34) SL UCSF
“Getting Your Story Straight” – David Riemer on Storytelling
  1. Story Narrative and Product Narrative (10:24) UCSF
  2. Story & Storytelling (4:35) UCSF
  3. The Power of Story (10:24) UCSF
  4. Story Structure (10:24) UCSF
  5. The Main Character (9:27) UCSF
  6. The Main Conflict (6:13) UCSF
  7. Story Challenges & Solutions (2:03) UCSF
  8. Telling a Great Story (13:16) UCSF


Some of the material I have created or use in my classes does not lend itself to blogs. It’s more reference material. Thus, these pages.  I’ll add more as time goes on. See my slide/video links
Tenacity If you’ve gotten this far, here is a visual representation of tenacity and persistence