Wednesday, 26 November 2014

29.9 Manager Rules

1. Manager determines what are the abilities of a co-worker and gives him tasks and duties accordingly.
2. Manager is neither a nurse nor Mother Teresa.
3. The only task that manager has is to get a team, share tasks accordingly and bring the team to a working state.
4. The leaders are not born but you can become one.
5. There are millions of people who can perform and only few can lead to performance.
6. Team is gather for the manager.
7. With the change of manager, staff changes.
8. The more manager fulfills requests from the team members more they hate him.
9. If you are a leader start encouraging your team for the process of getting the result rather than result. People don't see the whole picture like you and they are not interested in the result that much.
10. The employee will never understand the manager.
11. Only the manager understands where he leads his team.
12. There is no such employee who will work out his salary at 100%.
13. The employee gets used to any level of earnings as a result of it he will be always unhappy with his salary.
14. The fastest tool to test employees is money.
15. If manager will try to understand the problems of every employee he will have no time to work.
16. Clearly defined tasks increase the efficiency of any employee.
17. The difference between manager and employee is in courage to take responsibility not only for himself but also actions of his employees.
18. Employee joins a team to shift some of responsibilities for his life on his manager.
19. If the majority of the staff can forget about work and responsibilities during the weekend, manager can not afford it.
20. Even in a team of two people is a determined supervisor.
21. The value of an employee is determined by the quality of the results he achieves.
22. The value of a manager depends on the quality of the results achieved by the team, which he leads.
23. The ability to lead is laid in the child's upbringing.
24. Manager fills the life his employees with meaning.
25. If all managers across the globe will disappear, people will die from hunger and strife.
26. Without manager employees turn into a crown that is run by weakness.
27. Manager should be a human in the first place.
28. The power of a managers of his firm faith in choosing the right path.
29. Responsible for a task should always be only one person.
29.9 Manager is the main person in the company. No leader - no company.

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