Thursday, 27 November 2014

7 Ways to Become a Man of Action

1. Stop waiting for ideal conditions

If you wait until conditions become ideal, you'll probably never start working. Almost always there will be something that will stop you. Either time an appointment is not suitable or market crashed, or excessively large competition in place. In this world there is no perfect time to start a business. You have to act and solve problems. The best time was last year. Second chance is right now.

2. Be a man of action

Train yourself in performing and acting rather than thinking your steps over. Trying to start to do sports? Need to talk to your boss about performance? Do it now. The longer lives an idea in mind, the weaker it becomes. After two or three days, the details begin to blur. A week later you forget your idea. Becoming a man of action, you will be able to do more and stimulate the emergence of fresh ideas.

3. Remember that ideas alone do not bring success

Ideas are important, although they become something substantial only when they are implemented. 1 implemented idea is worth a dozen of the smartest ideas whose owners are waiting for the best time to start. If you have an idea that you really believe in, do something. When you start you won't escape.

4. Use action to frighten your fears

Have you ever noticed that the most difficult part of taking a public speech is actually waiting for your turn? All professional speakers and artists feel the same excitement before performance or speech. As soon as they start talking, excitement disappears. Action is the best way to frighten your fear. The hardest thing to act is to take the first step and do something first time. As you start, you gain confidence, and it becomes easier and easier to keep on going. Eliminate fear by taking action and build on the success of confidence.

5. Start your creativity mechanism automatically

One of the worst misinterpretations of the creative process is that you should start working only when inspiration comes. If you wait until inspiration does not fall on your head you will act fairly infrequently and with long intervals. Instead of waiting for inspiration start working and creativity will come along. If you need to write something then take a pen and start doing that. Your brain will switch on the creativity mechanism as soon as you will start doing something.

6. Live in your present

Focus on what you can do now. Do not worry about what you should have done last week or what you will do tomorrow. The only time that you can change is now. Even if you think about yesterday or tomorrow you can't act in those times.

7. Act immediately

Usually people prefer to have a small talk before business meetings. The same happens to those who work alone. How often do you check your mailbox and Facebook before you start serious work? These distractions will cost you dearly if you do not learn to ignore them and get to work immediately. Starting to work immediately you will find out within yourself fresh sources of productivity see you as a leader and great manager of your own resources.

You need to be a very organized person to get down to business without the help of others, without a command from the above. This is probably why right motivation is the key. In companies managers have to find the right motivation for the employees to start and keep them concentrated on working. Do not miss the wave of your motivation. Acting people are always noticeable either for themselves when they have things done or for the managers in the companies by seeing them as high performers.