Saturday, 30 August 2014

7 Strategies and Banana Example

Negotiation is really interesting thing and here you go! Let's uncover 7 main negotiation strategies on the example of a banana.

Strategy 1
You say to me: "Give me the banana".
I reply: "Hold on! There are so many much more important things!We need to find out where the apples are."
This is avoiding or ignoring strategy.

Strategy 2
You say to me: "Give me the banana".
I reply: "Sure, take it! You are welcome."
This is an adaptation strategy.

Strategy 3
You say to me: "Give me the banana".
I reply: "I want to say once and forever to make it clear. This banana is mine. And if you want this banana, pay a good price."
This is a domination strategy.

Strategy 4
You say to me: "Give me the banana".
I reply: "Why are you asking me? Do you want to use the situation that you have more power? And I have just to give you this banana?"
You reply, trying to justify: "No, no! I just want a banana. Really! Very much! And I see you have one.."
I keep on pushing: "Things are not same good they were before. Would you have 50 EUR till Monday to lend?"
This is a manipulation strategy.

Strategy 5
You say to me: "Give me the banana".
I reply: "It's mine. I bought it."
You reply: "But I did give you money."
I keep on going: "They money you gave was you debt you paid back."
You don't give up: "But I did lend you money as well and not even ones!" and this keeps on..
This is a rivalry strategy.

Strategy 6
You say to me: "Give me the banana".
I reply: "Let's think over the way so you can have some and me as well. For example, let's cut in two!"
You react: "Oh, that suits me!"
I say: "And when you have a banana, will you share with me?"
You agree: "Deal!".
This is a compromise strategy.

Strategy 7
You say to me: "Give me the banana".
I reply: "What for?"
You: "I need banana for the cake."
Me: "And I need the peel for my hamster. He loves eating it."
We share banana the way you get the actual banana and I get the peel.
You say to me: "Give me the banana".
I reply: "Let;s sell this banana and buy 2 apples instead?"
You: "And then we will exchange those 2 apples for 3 oranges, sell them and buy 2 bananas!"
This is a cooperation strategy.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

How to Sell A Pen?

Sometimes at interviews when trying to get a job of a sales person we are asked to sell something. In majority of cases it can be a pen :) Use a strategic approach to this! Never be afraid to be funny. It's proven that spontaneous decisions are usually the best and use the efficient sales strategy.

Step 1: Uncover the need
Any sales strategy should start not with a product but with a customer. Have a look at your potential customer and think what he can use a pen for? Singing papers? Then offer him a pen for these purposes with a good functionality suitable for signing papers, contracts etc.  Prestige? Think about offering a pen that will help your customer to feel that luxury class pen in hands. Sell this value!
Never be afraid of asking questions that will help to uncover this need and help you to figure out what exactly to offer.

Step 2: Presentation
After you have all the information from the customer you need, start presenting your product taking into account this information. Make sure you will highlight the features of the product that are useful for this customer. Try to avoid those not relevant for him.
In first place your offer should cover your customer needs. Only this will help you to sell. For people price sensitive select a suitable price offer, for prestige conscious, make sure they get the feeling of buying a luxurious pen at the price of a designer good.
Main idea is to sell what customer wants i.e. luxury, efficiency, good value etc.

Step 3:  Selling
Making an offer and closing the deal. In case you have done a good job covering first two points, that will be an easy one!

And yes, a very nice example of that:
CEO: Do me a favor, sell me this pen. (reaches across to hand me the pen)
Me: (I slowly roll the pen between my index and thumb fingers.) When was the last time you used a pen?
CEO: This morning.
Me: Do you remember what kind of pen that was?
CEO: No.
Me: Do you remember why you were using it to write?
CEO: Yes. Signing a few new customer contracts.
Me: Well I’d say that’s the best use for a pen (we have a subtle laugh).
Wouldn’t you say signing those new customer contracts is an important event for the business? (nods head) Than shouldn’t it be treated like one. What I mean by that is, here you are signing new customer contracts, an important and memorable event. All while using a very unmemorable pen.
We grew up, our entire lives, using cheap BIC pens because they get the job done for grocery lists and directions. But we never gave it much thought to learn what’s best for more important events.
This is the pen for more important events. This is the tool you use to get deals done. Think of it as a symbol for taking your company to the next level. Because when you begin using the right tool, you are in a more productive state of mind, and you begin to sign more new customer contracts.
Actually. You know what? Just this week I shipped ten new boxes of these pens toElon Musk’s office.
Unfortunately, this is my last pen today (reach across to hand pen back to CEO). So, I suggest you get this one. Try it out. If you’re not happy with it, I will personally come back next week to pick it up. And it won’t cost you a dime.
What do you say?
CEO: (picks jaw up off floor)  Yes.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How to find your Niche and Make sure You like It?

That's in majority of the cases quite tough. You have lots of ideas and don't know what to do to have fun and make money. You also understand that sometimes your idea looks brilliant to you but it won't work.. So how to start, find the idea and see if it works?
First of all have a look at yourself. Think what you can do in general. Especially about things you can do well. Then have a look at this all from the point what you like to do and if that can be really applied to business. I have prepared a small action plan on how to select the niche and do what you can do well and most important like to do. Feel free to use!

So you did it! You found your potential niche. STOP! No rush! 

First test and then start. No worries you want to sell bikes and you have none! Create a fun page on Facebook and try to sell. And if you see people calling you, just say "We have so many orders, I will put you on the waiting list and get in touch when we have the goods in stock". There are a lot of customers around. No worries if you miss some!

Try Google trends. Have a look on what people search and how often. You can also figure out what can be your potential time of no orders.

Have fun with whatever you do! Feel free if any questions:)

Monday, 25 August 2014

Feeling Lost? Some of Those Questions Can Really Help

Some days you can think differently about yourself and I once came across a very interesting set of questions. Those questions make you think about YOU, what and how you do things. Very interesting. The most interesting trick here is that each time you give a different answer..

  1. How old would you think you are if you didn't know your age?
  2. You are doing what you believe in or you make yourself believe in what you are doing?
  3. What are you doing different in your life than other people around?
  4. Can you remember something that made you very sad 5 years ago? Does it still make you same sad?
  5. Do you have a feeling that this day happened same way many times already?
  6. If everyone you know would die tomorrow, who you go to visit today?
  7. If you could become your own friend, would you want to have such a friend?
  8. What is the difference between life and existence to your point of view?
  9. If not now then WHEN?
  10. Decisions are made now and here. The question is are you making these decisions or somebody else is doing that for you?
I find those really cool and motivational. Do you want to share your ideas?