Thursday, 25 September 2014

NON Standard Ways to Find Customers

There are so many ways to attract customers to your business however I have decided to review some not standard. maybe will be useful :)

Companies who are looking for employees, may become you clients 

The use of websites to search for jobs is one of the easiest ways to attract new customers. If the startup is doing the work that many companies are trying to give its own employees, it provides an opportunity to compete for customers with individual employees. Organizations often prefer to outsource work to outside contractors than to research, train and maintain (insurance, taxes, etc.) own employees in the state.

Customers love quality content 

The publication of quality content often helps to attract new customers - most importantly, that it is helpful, rather than providing advertising. The very first entry in the corporate blog. In addition to simple blog postings, it is recommended to create a research and "cases" with the description of already completed projects - the doubting customer can see information about how the company has helped solving problems for people before him, are more likely to take a positive decision on cooperation.

E-Brochure is a good client attraction tool 

A small booklet that describes how the real solutions solving the real problems or just benefit customer, will attract potential customers. Company specializing in marketing, can write stuff about how to reduce the percentage of abandoned baskets, an organization dedicated to design, can tell you about how to implement the introductory tours in mobile applications so as not to lose customers. Such a brochure can be published on the website and provide a link to download after the visitor will leave his contact details.

Search on Twitter 

With the help of Twitter search can be in real-time to find posts from people and companies who are looking for someone who will perform some work for them. Incorporating imagination and made ​​a list of keywords and hashtags, a startup team can find a potential client. With services like Warble this work can be automated.

Services sold as packages

Services that are sold "packages" are more understandable and attractive for customers. Start-ups in the services sector should develop service plans that include a certain set of works for a monthly fee. Such an approach is useful as a client who understands what, when and how much he has to pay, and the company that receives a predictable cash flow.


Try to find partners in similar or close to your business areas. This is helpful to do co-promotion for mutual benefits.