Friday, 3 October 2014

7 Questions Helping with Right Choice

How to make the right choices in work, business and life, which you will never have to regret. Something from a dream world, heh? 

I want to tell you about the amazing and very simple technique with 7 questions that will assess the situation from different points of view, get rid of doubts and bring the ability to make the right choice to a new level. I have read about thing long time ago and found really useful. So sharing valuable stuff :)

WARNING: The answers will not always be like you, but in the end they will help you make the right decision. 

1 What would you chose, if not your fear? 

Unfortunately, too many decisions in our lives are taken for us on behalf of our own fears and stereotypes. Of course, successful businessman approach to the risks means person makes own choice, and also conscious about their fears. If you feel you have fears that create obstacles - write them down. Work through the list of all doubts and fears and carefully with someone who will help you to be objective. Sometimes the choice that we are scared of is the best for us. 

2 What would you chose, if not for money? 

Do you think that many great ideas have not been implemented due to lack of money? Or money missing due to the fact that these ideas were not implemented? Will you refuse your development and moving forward, if you feel that you don't have enough money? May sound unreal and coming from dream world but if you made ​​the right choice - you will always find the money. Remember about crowd-funding. You can also ask for help your relatives, friends, acquaintances, or just give your network to know what you are looking for an investor. And let money, or rather lack of them, never stop you. 

3 What is the best and the worst that could happen? 

As a continuation of the previous two questions - draw on your paper mind map of all the possible consequences of all possible solutions. List the positive, negative, and minor tangible results that will lead to your choice. In most cases, the best solution would be so obvious. 

4 What previous experience has taught me? 

Any experiences - whether it's positive or negative - give us valuable lessons. Losses in our lives only occur when learnt no lesson from what happened. Take-off - it's the same valuable lesson, as well as fail experience. Remember what happened and think what to do different in same situation? 

5 Is it in my opinion? Shares my point of view? 

Ask yourself: do you really need it, or do you agree that you need it, although you make turn in the direction you don't want to go? After all, one of the main success factors is a sequence, so always keep in mind to question yourself whether a decision you are making is in the scope of your vision? 

6. What do my body and soul tell me? 

Remember your last choice that you regret - is your inner voice or the body did not give you signals that was better not to do so? If you feel physical discomfort when making a decision, or your inner voice quietly talks against your potential choice in life - listen to these signals. They may not coincide with what you are lean at the moment, but the subconscious is much more visible, as this choice will affect you in the future. 

7 How will I watch myself in the mirror tomorrow? 

Finally, about the future. What will you feel the next day after it will take a decision? If you are pride of it and  having a burst of energy and inspiration - you are on the right track. If you notice a shame or regret - do not ignore those feelings. If you are experiencing them now - prepare for the worst. 

For a complete picture, think what you will experience as a result of you choice in a week / month / year. Take your time to think about the right decision.