Sunday, 12 October 2014

20 Sunday Questions

1 What you have learned the last week? - If you have a problem with the answer to this question, it is time for a change. Your age does not matter, you have to learn something new every week. 

2 What is your greatest achievement in the past week? - Thinking about your achievements - a good reason to feel a sense of confidence and satisfaction. It is also an effective way to track your progress. 

3 What was the most memorable thing that happened to you last week and why? - So you will be able to discover new interests, goals and preferences, as well as diversify you pastime. 

4 What is the goal №1 that you need to accomplish coming week? - Everything else is secondary, and should be treated that way. However do not forget about all the secondary objectives. 

5 What can you do right now so your next week will be less stressful? - Check reminder in your calendar: go for groceries, do laundry, put petrol to the car. So you can organize yourself. 

6 What is that something you've struggled in the past can affect the upcoming week? - The idea is to learn from the experience of this struggle and better prepare yourself for such situations in the future. 

7 What have you wasted your time on last week? - Try to avoid this in the future. Limit yourself to what distracts you from your goals. 

8 Are you taking something "heavy" from your part week? - Whether it is physical or psychological disorder, it should be eliminated. Remove from your head and life space all unnecessary things creating disorder.

9 What things do you avoid but you need to do? - Draw a table, where next to each of your tasks will indicate the time you want to spend on it. Monday morning start with fulfilling those tasks that take 2 minutes or less. 

10 What opportunities are on the surface? - If they are still available and you want to get them, make a plan how to do it next week. 

11 Is there anyone who you want to talk to and haven't found time last week? - Regular communication can resolve the conflict before it comes to its culmination. Maintain relationships with the people around you. 

12 Is there anyone who you need to say "Thank you"? - Every week take time to thank the people who helped you. Your gesture will not remain unnoticed. 

13 Is there anyone you want to help? - The best way to get what you want is to help others get what they want. People remember the good, and when you need help, they are happy to provide it. 

14 What are your top 3 goals for the next 3 years? - You will never succeed in life if you do not set realistic goals for yourself. 

15 Which of your recent actions have got you closer to your goal? - If you can not remember one, it's time to change something. 

16 What is your next step to achieve your main goal? - Knowledge of each step is the key to achieving it. 

17 What is that are you looking forward to in the coming week? - The answer can be you motivation. If you can not answer this question, find yourself what you need to wait. Keep on being motivated. 

18 What are your fears? - Consciously refer to your fears each week and slowly work on getting rid of them. 

19 What are you most thankful for? - This is a good way to look at things in perspective, and not to lose anything from your sight

20 If next week was the last in your life, how would you spend it? - Life is short. Spend more time with loved ones longer.

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