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How to Set Goals. Old Like World Story and Very Useful

How to Set Goals 


In order to set effective goals, firstly, you need to be clear and clearly understand WHY you set goals. You need to understand what objectives should be to achieve maximum efficiency on the way to your goals. 

Before setting goals you need to understand: 
1 What for do you need to set goals? 
2 What are goals that you set? 


In the second step, take a piece of paper and a pen. 
Now imagine that from this moment 10 years have passed. Describe in detail how you live, how to spend your time, what you do. The more detailed your description is, the easier it will be in the stage of setting goals. 

There is the first very important condition: 
Write as if all this is happened.

That is, if you write that you want to make $ 10,000 / month, $ 11,000 / month, you'll never get. Assume that you set yourself a maximum upper limit not the one you dream of but the max you think you can reach. 

The second important condition: 
Write a lot and in detail - at least 2 pages of A4 typed or 4 A4 pages of written text. 
This is just my advice on the topic, how to set goals. You are not required to comply with them, but try to fulfill, and suddenly everything will turn out the best way. 

Here is a list of areas to make it easier to create a description for setting goals: 

1 Your job / business 
What are you doing 
How much revenue you have 
What is your level of responsibility 
How many people do you manage 
What prestige you have in your employment 
How many hours a day you work 
How many sources of income  do you have
What are the sources of income 
2 Family 
What lifestyle I provide for my family 
What are my relationships within the family 
Where do we live 
In one house and the apartment we live 
How do we arrange holidays
Where do we arrange holidays
How much time I spend with my family 
What are your cars 
3 Social services 
Do I have friends 
Which social groups I belong to
What are the benefits I bring to society 
How can I positively influence this world 


Now as you write the text, you can easily identify your goals. 

And you have a clear description of the following things: 
1 House / Apartment 
2 business (s) / work 
3 holiday s
4 cars etc.. 
5 things to do 
6 traveling 
7 family
8 your contribution to the society


Check whether you have set goal characteristics of effective goals. If yes, proceed to the next step. If not, go back to step 2 and make changes. 


Now, for each of your goals you need to have the most accurate representation. That is, you have to know specifically what kind of car you want. Not suitable just say Mercedes. It must be said Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 silver. 
Required parameters: 

1) Brand 
2) the model 
3) Color 
4) body type (coupe, sedan, convertible, wagon, pickup, minivan, etc.). 
The point is, that in your mind should be a very clear picture of what you want. It's like the camera, move the maximum sharpness. 

TIP: Find a suitable picture of your target, print it and hang it on the wall. 


Choose your most important goals. 
Here you have a list of 20 goals. Imagine that you can achieve only one goal from the list. Which would you choose? Circle this goal. Then, choose the next target on the same principle. Have the second priority target, and then the third. These are your 3 most important goals. Focus on their implementation. 


Every day come back to three goals. Think about them as often as possible, imagine yourself having those things. Live them. Make yourself comfortable with these things. Do this at least 2 times a day.

AND it won't make you waiting! They will come true!

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