Saturday, 11 October 2014

3 Things to Learn Before Becoming and Entrepreneur

1 time management

People talk about it a lot, but majority of them have no idea or never owned this skill. The essence of time management is to learn not to put off the most important things for later. 

Never deal with a bunch of "urgent" small things that do not work towards achieving your goals. Try to delegate them. If you decide to build your business learn to manage your own time. Do not tighten yourself in an endless abyss of solving problems in the family, with children, and other small household problems. Do business is you started to.

Successful entrepreneurs are able and know how to plan the working day, week and month, know the secrets to setting goals for the day, which they immediately reach. 
Everything you need to know about time management - is that it's just a habit that will save you time and help with business growth. 

Try on a new way of living and thinking, and I'm confident you will enjoy and surely become a successful entrepreneur. 

2 before you start a business stop being suspicious 

They say that vanity - the worst vice. But in business, the worst can be only one - mistrust in yourself, your skills and abilities, being suspicious. Starting entrepreneur thinks he must first explore all because he did not know how to start, keep, grow and do things. 

All this is nonsense! While you sharpen your skills in something and try to learn, then most likely someone will bypass you and your idea compensating the lack knowledge of arrogance and adaptability to circumstances. It makes no sense to re-read a lot of clever books on business doing nothing in practice. Learn in the process! This is the greatest secret that will help you on your way to success, and can not be otherwise. 

3 before you create a business, learn to be indifferent

You won't be able to build a business, if you are constantly "bitten" by your own doubts, and you constantly worry what kind of results you have achieved today. The only way to succeed is to be indifferent. You'll meet obstacles on the path to success, but you should always be the same. And even then, when you will have great sales, you can smile, but with indifference. 

Remember, all your strength in indifference.  Step over and move on!