Monday, 30 November 2015

The Event for Female Entrepreneurs That Can Help To Make An Impact In Your Business

One of the biggest challenges for female entrepreneurs at early-stage business is access to funding. Normally men can easier access funding for their business (in up to 70% of the cases).  The event "Demystifying the Dark Art of Funding" that took place on Thursday 26th November and organised by the DCU Ryan Academy in partnership with Global Invest Her, aimed to clarify the funding process and help Irish women entrepreneurs become investor ready and get funded faster.

Just before the event started I had a great opportunity to have a talk with Anne Ravanona, who is CEO and Founder of Global Invest herGlobal Invest Her is an international company on a mission to get more female founders funded through demystifying the funding process via their online portal and events. Anne is also an advisor to several startups and non profits who support high growth women entrepreneurs and she founded the Women Entrepreneurs Network in Paris. Anne is a fantastic woman entrepreneur with great portfolio of projects and she believes that women are capable to do more if they can expose themselves and give it a go. Sometimes we take a step back instead of being persistent and this exactly what the true stories of two women entrepreneurs proved to us! If they can do, we can do that too!

The whole event had a great spirit of entrepreneurship and "I can do it!" attitude. Events like this inspire and motivate, then help to believe in your inner power and capabilities and I find it really brilliant!

I would like to thank also Niamh Collins for organizing such a a great event! Niamh is the COO of DCU Ryan Academy. It's so important to have inspirational and informative events like this one. I have gained high value, practical insights and tips about how to look for funding whilst been given an opportunity to network. DCU Ryan Academy is a non-profit, joint venture between Dublin City University and the Ryan Family (Ryanair), that aims to be the leading supporter of entrepreneurs and innovation in Ireland. It promotes an entrepreneurial mind-set and real innovation focus among Irish SME’s corporates, start-ups and researchers through a range of training leadership and funding initiatives.

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