Sunday, 29 November 2015

Networking at Dublin Chamber of Commerce

Following the fantastic and full of information and events with great speakers at Eximsummit I was invited to network with small and medium businesses representatives. This was really nice event in a great location with all Dublin charm in the morning and great start with coffee and talks with business owners and professionals.

I met a lot of professionals in different areas of business: accounting, media, personal development space, coaches, web specialists, owners of software platforms and solutions.
This was definitely a great networking buzz in the morning followed by a very informative informational session with exercises to master listening and speaking skills.

And I do want to confirm that building business relationships is an art and you need to have essential skills in listening and observing as well as communicating the information because it is important to see how and if your information is perceived.
Let's keep it up with mastering our skills and building great relationships online and offline!
Nice weekend to everyone!