Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#Crowdfunding Last Things before Launch

So I have had a look at all the tips and I have even investigated the platform and tried to find contacts of other guys who used the platform for similar type of idea funding. Who knows, maybe they will want to give an advice?

Out of 3 projects I found there and contacted there was only one guy who replied :( Why would that be? people do not want to share experience? I found it sadly strange and keep the hope they are on holidays and can't access their e-mails.
The good advice that only guy gave me was that I need to be persistent in posting and never beg and try to push a bit people and make them think they are doing good things by supporting my project. feeling a bit weird but still want to do it.
And yes, my project has moved to the stage called "Ready to preview?" which means if I push the button I can't make any changes. Feeling great for the work done so far! Let's push the button ;)

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