Thursday, 23 July 2015

#Crowdfunding. Part 3

And here we come with the project description on the selected CF. So I have got the video already. You can see it here
I have had a chat with the CF and the advised me the following:

  1. Create a story behind the project and where the idea came from.
  2. Provide full description and provide visual (video and pictures) of the product.
  3. Write down the description of full product specification.
  4. Set up reward scheme. This one is very interesting. They say it's better not to go for smallest reward like 5 EUR or so even if it's just "Thanks" from company. The reason behind is that people tend to go and support with the smallest amount in order to support and feel good. So don't use that.
  5. Also, set up the shortest funding period possible due to the reason that people tend to postpone things and they need to feel urgency to take part in the project and the shorter period the better it is.
  6. Pictures should be clear and demonstrate the product without any destructing extras.
  7. Number of rewards you provide (especially they are limited) should be calculated in advance to make sure they amount of funding they represent will match the funding amount you are aiming to get.

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