Saturday, 25 July 2015

#Crowdfunding Before Journey Starts

Great to go almost. I have just received some useful tips from Fundit on how to promote my CF campaign. I want to share them apart from other I plan to use.

(I do not modify them so it's a quoting basically)
Very good tips are given on the following ways to promote your campaign:

  • go for personal mailing lists to make sure you cover your first circle of funding
  • go for company mailing asking colleagues to support
  • consider different ways of promoting on different stages of the campaign (start, middle, prior to end and post campaign)
  • avoid begging!
  • go for value promotion
  • communicate story, team, project etc.
  • your audience is super important (engage with it!)
  • use targeted media
  • go for marketing promo mix (online. offline and combination of both).