Wednesday, 22 July 2015

#Crowdfunding. Part 2

And here it comes! I have selected an Irish crowdfunding platform
By the way! Selecting the platform is on of the important moments 

  • as you need to consider not only your first two circles as funding potential but also who are the regular visitors to this platform as they may be your potential investors as well. So search if your project scope really falling into their portfolio. The CF platform will also share your project in their social media and you need to have your target there as well.
  • go for local especially as I want to target local people and therefore it makes sense to select local CF platform. By the way if you consider selecting not local one, check out legal part as at the end you may not be able to withdraw the money or they will not accept your project
  • read some feedback about platform
  • have a look ta the projects of your type that were funded there and how successful they were and analyze.
This all is of course general and each case is individually evaluated. I have only outlined what I have personally considered while making my selection.

I have came across this website once and found it very useful. These guys are doing a good job in CF platforms analysis and give a lot of useful data.