Thursday, 11 December 2014

10 Business Secrets for Entrepreneurs

So, you are an entrepreneur and that's super! You are providing something to the world that makes world better or somebody's life more interesting or easier. Welcome to the club! However good to know those simple and important secrets (some of them you have have come across already):

to succeed in business you should to focus on yourself
Focus on client, find your target audience and do all just for it. Manager need to focus on employees so they can do their job efficient. That's actually all true! However it's difficult to focus on your target customer or employees or etc etc if you don't have the right focus of yourself. You need to spend enough time to find yourself and find the balance inside you. If you are not well balanced in your inner world how can you try to balance the outside world? Before you start focusing on your clients and team in a proper way, try to focus on your needs and find the balance in your inner world.

you give up what you have started when the success is @"your door"
One of the main failures of entrepreneurs is to give up things. The main problem here is that they give up things without knowing that the success was knocking at their door the following day, that they were very close to their success. Majority of the problems start really when you are finishing. Think of a long run or marathon@ start is quite easy and at the end you are nearly dead however the difference between long run and business is that in long run you see where the finish and in business you should feel it and be patient to wait and be persistent (stubborn if you want) to keep on going.

not all the difficulties can be foreseen
We write business plans and try to make market analysis however not all the difficulties can be foreseen. Some of the difficulties that happen can be turned into opportunities. And you need to be ready to maneuver and think according to the circumstances instead of giving up just because things happen not according to the plan.

the worst enemy of your business is you
Majority of the entrepreneurs see their goal to knock down the rivals however they don't notice that the main rival is themselves. They keep themselves busy fighting with rivals instead of focusing on business development and innovative ideas. Be different and focus on your business and yourself and you won't have rivals and be busy with happy and devoted customers.

you can succeed in business even without reaching the final goal
You have started the business and this is your success, you have made first steps and sales and this is a success. All the way consists of small wins. Celebrate each one and keep sailing to the main goal.

real success in business comes slowly however you can always speed up the course of events
Real business values need time to grow like any plant or tree. They can become values overnight, they needs months and years. You can jump over 1 km of distance however you can choose the right way and follow your right way creating great business values. You can learn how to run the distance quicker and master skills over coming problems and yes, you will move quicker and get wiser and learn each time.

business and sales start at the same time
YES! sales starts from the moment you have an idea and try to explain ("sell") it to your friends and family, sales start with company name, website design, product development, concepts design. When we decide to start the business, sales happen to be in every single step of the journey.

motivate yourself and it will be easier to motivate others
People management is a difficult science. Having emotions, people are quite difficult to control however! you probably have noticed that some managers have no problem with it. And the reason why is that they start with themselves! They motivate themselves and this emotional intelligence helps to be a great leadership example for team members.

it's easy to make customer happy if you are happy
Put your time and efforts to create and deliver a great product and you will be happy to serve more and more happy customers instead of resolving complaints.

anyone can achieve success in business
Business is not a gamble. Success is coming after following the plan, calculating risks, responding effectively to problems and working hard. Entrepreneur is a jack of all trades. Only having knowledge in many business aspects can help him to react quickly to the situation and be creative with opportunities. Practicing and "swimming" in the business world can help to gain skills and get education where the gap occurs. No time for games. This is acting and reacting. and lots of self satisfaction for creating something new and good for the world and people!

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