Friday, 5 December 2014

7 Signs When You Should Understand You are not a Tree

All of us want a great team and decent salary. Job we enjoy and no stress. However not always we have what we dream about. And even in those situations we say: "No, that's fine. Well, not my dream job however it's ok. I can survive still." Nothing bad about feeling comfortable at work. However even imaginable satisfaction can bring to general calming down effect which can be also imaginable.This is where the danger hidden.
Calming down is good however analyzing and taking action is better. So what are the signs when it's time to move? Several psychologists point out main signs about time for moving on. Let's have a look.
  • you retain status-quo
if you are working in one company for more than 3 years and you are showing interest in career growth however your position and salary remains stable then it's time to think. Statistics says that even in big multinationals withing 3 years should be already some signs of career progression or salary increase.
  • you don't get anything in return
your direct manager doesn't give any feedback on the work you do (which makes it fairly difficult to understand what you are doing right or wrong in your job) or doesn't help to make your career path. good manager will support you in career growth and help with constructive feedback. if you don't have one, try to find another one.
  • you don't learn
you don't come across any difficulties in your job? don't need to learn anything new to do it? this is sign for an action. the job should be challenging and you should be constantly well trained and learn something new. if your company doesn't provide you any training opportunities to do your job better this means it's not interested in your career growth.
  • someone quits from time to time
is it you or it's reality that other people making changes in Linkedin profiles? You shouldn't quit straight away however have a look on what's going on around.
  • your company is constantly doing restructuring
staff restructuring and constant management changes may be for good or may lead to instability in the company. more important it can be obstacle for your career growth because you will have to prove your professional capabilities and show potential each time for new manager.
  • headhunters are after you
if you are getting requests that only mean your position is in a demand in the market. this is a good sign and good sign for your career inside the company and outside of it.
  • you have the feeling that the game is over
your inner voice is demanding changes than maybe it's time for them? in any way you spend 40 hours a week at work this time should be useful, comfortable and joyful.