Sunday, 13 April 2014

Zero cost start

When you try to set up something before it starts really working and paying you back with whatever outcome you are looking for, try to go for zero money cost. Start with investing something you have: your passion, creativity, time and mind power.

Read as much as you can! There so many people on the web sharing their ideas and opinions, valuable experience. Not everything is to be paid. Many things are free and you just need to find them and use them. Be smart.

This is how I have started with a small Facebook page :) Facebook is a free tool to start with with an opportunity of creating your awareness among friends and, hopefully, friends of your friends if your friends will like the content or pics and they go ahead with inviting their friends to "like" what you want to show.
So, here was my starting point:
Benefits of this:
  • free to create and helps to go social
  • shows nice stats in terms of how many people have seen your post and liked the page
  • you can do something for little cost if you feel necessary to boost a post or picture or something
  • people, who liked the page, may like your posts or pics and this is something that helps to spread so called "word of a mouth" among those who are connected to your direct audience. Just be creative and interesting and show how good you are at what you do. Don't try to sell, try to gain interest.
  • you can share your page on your behalf at your own name and spread the word about your business as well
  • Facebook also sends you stats weekly on how your page is doing
  • you can add similar businesses to follow how their FB page is doing and compare
  • you can exchange messages with clients through FB page and that's also nice way of individual communication with your clients or public interested in your business
As a starting point with zero expenses is really great instrument. You invest your time and creativity and spread the word. Found that really great and helpful. This is also a nice instrument to see how much public likes what you do.

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