Friday, 25 April 2014

Step 4. Your Business Style

Having a style is important. I find it important personally. 

Your personal style is the way you handle things around you: family, friends, job (if you have one), etc. That's your way of reacting to things, your way of being polite, friendly, social and many many more. Your personal brand that makes community around you build a theory what kind of person you are.

Your business style is the way you lead your business to success: how you communicate with your customers, partners and suppliers, how friendly and reliable you are, how efficient you do what you offer, how good your goods/services are and how nice you are when dealing with customer problems. Think on 20% unhappy customers creating a lot more negative buzz around your business than 80% of happy ones.

Your product style: if you are selling a product, make sure the package reflects what kind of business you are. Try to be creative (especially in case of handmade) and select your colors and style here. Try to think of SIMPLE things. Avoid complexity. Even a business card if you are offering services should contain information and WHAT is in it for the person to keep it. Think of that. Always put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer.

Think website was quite simple. Brand style. Nice article. Welcomes readers!

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