Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Step 2. Your Goal

You have on paper already the action plan, you have some steps you have thought ahead about? Well done! Now, make sure the business idea you are bringing to the market is going to do something good definitely. So far you have a proof that the idea could be implemented and you have the action plan to do it. 
The service or the product should do something good to other people, right? You are not only for money? Money is coming along. It shouldn't be the goal. I find it really important. 
Just imagine two cleaning ladies. Both are cleaning same office. One is cleaning with the idea to get a salary end of the month and another one is cleaning for the office to be clean and people feel comfortable at their working places and there's no dust anywhere. At the end of the month both of them are getting same salary however the thoughts of the people differ and the aim differs. It's up to you which aim to have. My point here is that aim to make something good for other (product or service) is a lot better rather than striving for money only. Concentration on your product or service will help you, in first place, to improve it and make it better. Pay will follow and great customer feedback as well.

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