Thursday, 24 April 2014

Step 3. Get Feedback

You have the plan and the goal in front of you. Well done for now! Let's come to another important step - feedback. 
There several way you can do that:
  1. ask your friends and relatives
  2. get the survey and ask people what they think.
Asking your friends and relatives is pretty much interesting feedback to have. And I tell you why :) People will try to cheer you up! Go for it to get it and get inspired!! That's important and this is something to important to have when you start new venture in your life. You can't though 100% rely on this feedback and I would go always for second option too.

How to conduct the second one?
Target audience: get people from your professional networks (linkedin, xing, etc) or social networks to participate, ask your friends to share the link to survey with their friends by e-mail to have as many responses as possible.
Tools: you can use free online surveys as a vehicle for that. SurveyMonkey is one of those tools that will be helpful for you.
How: if you have never created any questions for surveys in your life, here are some tips and free resources for you: resource 1resource 2 and resource 3. There are a lot more, of course. These are just to start with.

After you have a feedback, have a careful look. It's great, then cool and well done! If you found it a bit different from what you thought, why not to have a look what needs to be modified there? what market really expects from you? Use it as a piece of advice.

I would say Dalai Lama's quote about saying something matches a good product/service to offer:

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