Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Importance of being..

Important is to have an idea and even more important is to know how you plan to implement it. Take your time and gather your thoughts and try to select the direction (what do you want to do). The direction is the product or service you want to offer the market. Let's imagine we are knitting socks. Great! You are smart, creative and really good at handmade. You can knit outstanding socks. Now after making the socks you need to figure out how to sell them and where to find people who will buy your socks.
And here we come... to well known Ps from Marketing :)
Product: handmade socks
Price: good question :) Handmade cannot be cheap and there many reasons why. Make your affordable and good price where your customers will see that they are getting value for money. Fair value for fair money.
Promotion: get known through social networks and posting in groups that are valid for your information.
Place: get online with our digital world. So use any social platform of platform that offers your market place among similar goods on its own terms and conditions.

Let's stop for a while! That's the way to got and we are talking about importance. So what is that much important:
  • take a paper and a pen
  • sit down and write as much as you can about your product, all characteristics
  • think about how much time you need to make it ready for sell and calculate month in advance
  • think about fair price for fair value
  • write down events to pop up with your product (online and offline)
  • be different and remarkable and tell your friends about your contribution to the creative world
  • write down all the ways you can market your product
  • find the way to position it differently, in a special way
  • get to know options on placing your product online (many people are taking initiative to help creativity get promoted, find the best option for you)
  • be inspired
  • be motivated and remember, you will do it!
Take a pen, write what you want to do, make a plan of actions for 2-3 months (taking into account your budget and going for zero cost in first place!)