Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Step 8. In Advance

Sometimes we have days when we have tons of work to do and sometimes we have not really busy ones. Why am I saying it? Use the valuable time you have during the days you are not really busy. Where can you invest your time? Preparation!
I have gathered several tips below based on my experience on what was better to have in advance at hand when I needed that and investing time properly is always good:
  • if you are a blogger (prepare and save or even schedule your posts in advance)
  • prepare topics on the paper you want to write about and write the posts when you have a free minute to do that
  • prepare pics and posts for social networks where your business is present, schedule them
  • install hootsuite, for example for the scheduling purposes (actually all in one place and basic package is free)
  • prepare photos of your products with description
  • prepare mailing information
  • have a look at upcoming online and offline events and contests
  • make a calendar and schedule and plan to take part in them
  • prepare a small catalog of your products and services
  • think on marketing campaigns and topics
  • search valuable information for you
  • think on strategic grown (how you plan to sell, where, how to increase sales, etc)