Thursday, 29 May 2014

5 Biggest Internet Marketing Mistakes

1. "I have a business idea, will create an expensive, gorgeous website and earn on it!"

Slow down and first test your idea on a simple website. A very good offer for your potential customer will be attractive in a simple cover as well.
If your business idea does not work, and potential customer are not buying... then the amount of money spent on a simple website won't be that big loss for you.

2 . "I want a website like Youtube, Facebook, Google, Amazon! "

This is a list of brands whose development hasn't started in a few minutes and straight after the creation of their website magically millions of visitors began to upload videos, set up profiles , place ads , etc.
Between the business idea and the status of the Internet giant lays a marketing strategy , the development of which required substantial human, time and financial resources. 
Or you still believe in stories like " two students who wrote the Google code on a napkin Stanford cafeteria ?"

3 . " The main thing for the website - it is a beautiful, bright design "

Are you looking to build a website for admiration or for good conversion rate and increased profits? Believe me, if visitors see on your resource detailed description of the product/service, low prices and clear ordering process, they won't really care about the picture in the header .
Or on contrary, in case of unclear information or ordering process, potential customers won't also pay attention to the pictures on the webpage.

4 . "Nobody reads text on the webpage"

Partially true - the descriptions that have no connection with the products you sell or that the user is looking for, are left without reading, however prospects still leave the website without buying.
On the other side a detailed, thorough description of products or services, price, terms of payment and delivery (features reflecting your competitive advantage) - is of great interest to your website visitor and will significantly increase the probability of an order.

5 . "I want to first place in Google for the word "book"," flowers","gifts", etc. - and potential customers will attack the webpage willing to order your products.

Do not be greedy as you need buyers, not visitors. Pick up a list of words and phrases that will attract and lead potential customers to your website and help them in purchasing process. Use key words search and promote your website with their help.

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