Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Step 15. Holiday Tips

It's important to take a rest and have family time away. Otherwise you can get in a massive trouble and not only with your family but with yourself by overworking and being in constant rotation. You must take a break! But how to do it and keep the business you have started and worked on up and running? Here are some tips for you from my experience:
  • plan in advance (your trip and gap time)
  • try to make your trips ideally in slow seasons you may have
  • take care of being online at least couple of hours AM and PM to take care of issues if any
  • make sure to set up auto reply for customers mailing you telling maybe delay in response
  • try to schedule blog posts and social media to get things that you have prepared in advance online without your interference
  • ask your friends for help in checking mails or whatever you need if you feel necessary
  • make all updates in advance
  • avoid planning sales, marketing campaigns or anything where your engagement is essential at least 2 weeks before your scheduled trip
..try to keep cal and still concentrate on your holidays because they will bring you inspiration and a lot of energy!

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