Friday, 23 May 2014

Step 29. Plan Your Development and Growth

I have wrote about planning before. It's important to plan next steps, even more important to put them on paper and make sure you tick the box, improve on the go and search new, better and more effective ways on how to achieve the goals you have ahead.
Your growth plan is essentially your game plan to reaching your goals. It includes, for example:
  • Your company’s mission.
  • Your long-range vision of your company’s future.
  • The strategic goals that will allow you to reach your vision.
  • The means you plan to use to attain your goals (including funding).
Several tips on how to plan your development:
  • have a SWOT overview of your business on regular basis
  • concentrate on opportunities to see how you can benefit from them
  • watch your threats to be aware of how to avoid them and convert them into benefits
  • look at your competitors and their strategies, strong sides and think on how to improve your weak points and get better than your competitors
  • see all potential ways of development and increasing sales
  • look for new ways
  • use creativity
  • study and use experience of people in the same sector
  • take advice of other companies in the same business segment and see how you can apply and improve them
  • watch trends ( in the current market and see what you can you for your growth and development
  • read news and forums
  • watch out for what your customers want on social media etc.
Plan 30-60-90 days and write in the format GOAL-EXPECTED OUTCOME. This will help you to structure and have an overview of the results.
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