Monday, 5 May 2014

Step 12. Quiet Time

Welcome to slow down time.. Great it's here!! Look at the positive side :)
Slow don time is a time when you are not busy, your products/services are not on highest demand and you are sitting in your office, looking through the window and getting upset because no/little orders are coming in. 

Where is the positive side in that?

The positive side is that you have some time to do a lot of strategically important things. That's the time for great investment in:
  • planning
  • developing news sales channels
  • setting up new packaging/branding
  • working on new presentation/catalog
  • looking our for new events to take part in
  • preparing new posts, pics and media for hectic busy time
  • networking
  • increasing your products/services awareness
  • looking for way to improve your business
  • improving time management
  • ...relaxing and getting ready for busy days!

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