Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Step 27. Job-Family-Business

That's not about balancing between family and business. That's about having family, business and job (in case you are running three at a time) in your life. There's no recipe for that and here I will share only MY EXPERIENCE on how I do that.
Yes, to make my life more exciting I have three components: my family, my business (that's my hobby as well) and my job.
I hear you :) Why do I have a job if I have my business? I find it not extremely necessary however interesting experience in life for several reasons:
  • you keep on being employed and feel what is good and bad about that. so when you have employees, you are closer to them
  • you try to build your own career (in your business you are the boss already) where you have no influence
  • having a job you can pick up something nice for your business in terms of sales, operations etc, etc. always handy
  • you learn from people around
  • you network and your colleagues can be your customers or can help you to find customers
  • +other little things you can figure out, learn, get feedback and much more that can be useful for your business
Family always comes first for me. Any extra minute I have I do devote to them and when I have to work evenings I will spend time with them and only then do other things. Those people are dear to me, supporting and inspiring. This is important.

Your business is your kid. You know your goals and plans, you have a budget and you see where you want to get. Important thing here is to move. No matter how slow you are moving, till you are moving you will get to your goal. And that's what I really mean here. You obviously won't build a massive corporation, however a small one you can. Thank what you like to do, plan how to implement and go for it! Do it! One day when you are tired of your job, you will have your business to devote your time to. Just balance properly all that now.