Thursday, 15 May 2014

Franchise in Ireland

As I'm living in Ireland, really find this topic interesting. I have had a look what is there on the market and should say that Ireland is a great place for business. Even when you plan to start your own business with franchise there are not only a lot of opportunities but also you can get a free consultation! So, step by step now.

I have found the free consultation here.
Everyone wants to know what the best franchise in Ireland is but unfortunately there is no such thing as the best franchise. There are lots of good franchises in Ireland and lots that will make you money, but what is maybe the best franchise for one person, may not be the best franchise for another. 
Everyone is different and so everyone is suited to different franchises. Even franchises like McDonalds are not right for everyone. Instead of asking “what is the best franchise”, you need to ask “what is the best franchise for me”.
You need to look at what you like and what you like doing. We have a feature on What type of franchise will suit me which should help you and also applying for franchises.
Though before you actually look at which type of franchise is right for you, you need to look at if franchising is for you. Again franchising is not for everyone as it takes a certain type of person to be a successful franchisee. Our step by step franchise guide will take you through the process and you can also read our is franchising for me feature and take our Franchise suitability test.
We understand that you do not want to lose money on picking the wrong franchise and do agree that not all franchises are good or not all companies who say they are franchises are actual franchises. A good place to start would be to look at those franchises who are members of the Irish Franchise Association or the British Franchise Association.
Remember there is not such a thing as too much research. Once you have an idea of the type of franchises that may be right for you, you can use our assess the franchise and 20 franchise questions features to help evaluate them.
I found also a very interesting and useful online magazine with plenty of information for people who want to start a business with franchise. They have a lot of advice and you can stat with "Help me with" button to go for search adventure.
Franchise Direct offers even list of franchise opportunities to have a thought and even maybe drive to the right interest direction.
A lot of useful information and also help you can get from Irish Franchise AssociationThe Irish Franchise Association is the only voluntary self-regulatory body for the Irish franchise industry, with a standards based approach to membership. Its aim is to promote ethical franchising practice in Ireland and help the industry develop credibility, influence and favourable circumstance for growth.

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