Thursday, 8 May 2014

Step 18. Website

My point of view here is based on several things and I would say those tips will help you to make a proper decision in terms of webpage and how much you really need it depending on your current stage.
First think of, take a pen and write down the answers to the following questions:
  • how old your business is (days? months? maybe years? in case you survived years without a webpage do you really need it?)
  • how massive is it
  • how urgent you need this webpage
  • is social media not enough to run your business efficient currently? what features do you miss there?
  • what information do you want to put on the website?
Those were questions about purpose and now technical and budget side:
  • can you develop and design the website on your own?
  • do you have budget to pay for it?
  • do you have time to invest in website development?
  • can you support technically website?
  • can you run updates when needed?
  • have you got budget for domain name and hosting?
  • how much you are aware of the services of hosting companies? have you ever seen admin panel in hosting?
Now after you answered the questions, have a closer look and think it over. AGREE?

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