Friday, 2 May 2014

Step 11. Target YOUR Target

You have your product/service and do you know WHO is going to buy it? Who is your customer? Your target audience? Do you know the answers to those questions?
  • Who are the target customers? Describe their life (or business) situation
  • What do they want? What’s the pain?
  • What are their needs that are not being met?

When you find the answers to those questions and see how what you offer meets what they are looking for, you will be able to sell more and get more from your business model.

If you don't have a concrete information based on feedback we have discussed in the step 3 before, try to assume, use your experience to build the portrait of your potential customer, write everything down. This is something that will help you to see the way the customer is looking for product like yours, where and how. This will help you to optimize the way you sell what you have to offer to the market.

Bu the way, recently read a very interesting article about business growth. Enjoy it as well!

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