Friday, 30 May 2014

6 Useful Exercises for Becoming a Great Speaker

1) At home take a frying pan and try for at least 5 minutes to talk about it in beautiful, literary language. In the beginning you may find it difficult however with time will become easier. Gradually increase the time of exercise and try to make it more challenging and complex. These workouts will help you to learn choosing the right words and you will be able to talk an hour about same frying pan, never repeating yourself and using different words each time.

2) Try to exclude from your vocabulary words - parasites , " well ", " general ", " like ", " well, it is", etc. Try to avoid expressing strong emotions while talking. Use simple phrases, do not be in a hurry.

3) Mind the tempo of your speech. Monotonous speech is boring. Pauses and emotions highlight certain points, however use them with care.

4) Use various metaphors, comparisons and sayings to make your speech vivid.And of course, humor. Joke, including at yourself if make sure it is appropriate in this situation and it is useful .

5) In order to train your speech, you need to have a wide circle of friends. In case you don't, listen to radio and watch television to pick up useful words and phrases. You can also try to imitate your favorite TV presenter: repeat his phrases, copy intonation.

6 ) Read a lot: newspapers, magazines, books. A good option to read classics and literature we were asked to read back at school. Necessary to read slowly, thinking about every sentence. This will allow you to learn how to build words into sentences and develop your vocabulary .

Gradually expand your vocabulary and using all this knowledge in a conversation , you'll notice that you have gained power over words, and now they will serve you.

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